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Basic ingredients for curry chicken

A lot of people think they need to add coconut milk to cook Chicken Curry.  But coconut milk are high in saturated fat and will add loads of calories to your meal as well.  I like to use turmeric powder, curry powder, chili powder and onions to cook yummy curry without coconut milk. These ingredients are rich in antioxidants, natural and cheap!

Black reveals its true colors

  August 23, 2011

2012 做個有營人

Charmain Tan, Registered Dietitian, will be conducting the lecture on how to choose the right foods, follow by a workshop, on Sep 16, 2012.
註冊營養師陳瑞玲,將於2012年9月16日舉行"「揀飲擇食好安心」講座"及"做個有營人工作坊(二) - 保心營養"



蔬 菜和水果含豐富纖維、維他命和礦物質,每天應進食五份蔬果才夠。在日常飲食加入蔬果非常簡單,可用水果煲湯或混合肉類快炒,試試草莓炒雞柳及奇異果炒牛 肉,也可考慮食用毋須煮熟的蔬菜,如青瓜、胡蘿蔔、西芹及番茄等。牛油果亦是一種有益健康的食物。別被它的名字嚇怕,它的熱量較高,半個便有十四點七克脂 肪,但大都是健康的單元不飽和脂肪,有助心臟健康。

適當飲食 有助降低總膽固醇與高密度膽固醇比例,如要避免進食含飽和脂肪與反式脂肪高的食物,定期少量進食含不飽和脂肪的食物,如芥花籽油、橄欖油、花生油和各類果 仁,及每星期進食至少兩次含豐富奧米加三的魚類,如鮭魚、鯖魚、鯡魚或三文魚,亦可幫助保護心臟。研究證實經常運動及保持均衡飲食,有助消除健康危機,所 以由今天開始實踐健康生活方式,培養均衡飲食和恒常運動的習慣吧!

太陽報 2012年 九月8號

yummy bistro salad

This pre-packed salad from ASDA really attracted us today, so colorful with lots of green leafy vegetables inside.  What made them so colorful:  Beetroot, endive and lambs lettuce.  Among them, lamb's lettuce is what I'm not so familiar of.  It has a rosette shape with rounded leaves, matte green in color, tastes slight nutty and tangy flavor.  It is very rich in provitamin A, vitamin C and B9.  We added more tomatoes in there as my daughter wanted it, but Chefs would rather add boiled egg!

When we eat matters!
Read this article in Pinterest just now. The picture illustrated very well.   The truth is if you skip breakfast you are going to eat worse food for rest of the day.  And more, breakfast eater performed better academically and at work too.  Won't surprise about this, right?

A 'Must' for the BBQ.

Remember to bring along a salad with full of colors, and fruits such as watermelon to your BBQ.  They will provide lots of antioxidants to fight againt free radicals from BBQ.  Enjoy!

Medicare Needs More Nutrition Therapy Coverage, Group Says

Medicare should expand coverage of medical nutrition therapy (MNT) for certain diseases such as hypertension, obesity and cancer, a nutritionists and dieticians group said Monday.

PERSONAL BEST Of tales and truths

Power of Chocolate

Chocolate, which was labelled as 'Food of the Gods' by ancient Mayans and has been a delicacy for hundreds of years, only recently has been recognized as functional food as it provides health-promoting and/or disease-preventing property beyond the basic nutrition it contains.

Cocoa and chocolate products are among the most concentrated sources of procyanidin flavonoids, catechin and epicatechin (J Am Coll Nut, Oct 2001). Flavonoid is an antioxidant chemical which helps prevent cell damage reduces clot formation and improves blood sugar levels. Chocolate also contains an antioxidant called polyphenol - associated with reducing the risk of heart disease. A 1.4 ounce (40 gram) chocolate bar contains around 250 mg of polyphenol, about the amount in half a glass of red wine. Cocoa powder contains the highest amount of polyphenol, followed by dark chocolate, while white chocolate contains none.

Cocoa products are excellent sources of catechins which can also be found in green tea. They are believed to protect humans from cancers (gastric, esophageal, skin cancers), fight viruses, slow aging and reduce the risk of heart disease. The darker and bitter the chocolate, the more catechins content it contains.

50-57% of the whole cocoa bean is cocoa butter, of which 34% is stearic acid, a saturated fat we are taught to avoid.  However, a research conducted by the Pennsylvania State University found that when subjects consumed a 1.4 ounce chocolate bar in place of a high carbohydrate snack, chocolate does not raise bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, but rather increases HDL levels.  HDL is also known as 'good' cholesterol as high levels of HDL seem to protect against heart attack.

So, choose smart, eat smart!  Choose dark chocolate (ones containing 70% or more cocoa) and keep the size to 1.4 ounces (40gram) at a time, a size which calories can be burned by a 20- minute workout.  Alternatively, try chocolate with soy filling to increase the isoflavone intake, a chemical component found in soy, which believe to help alleviate menopausal symptoms, heart disease and osteoporosis. 

By taking good control of your health through smart choices with balance and moderation, you can enjoy chocolate as a functional food, with a lot of promising health benefits.


Charmain Tan
Registered Dietitian (USA)


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