World Obesity Day – You are not alone!

March 4th is 世界肥胖日❤️ To have a real impact on obesity, we need to work together to address its many root causes throughout society: Biology, food, genetic risk, healthcare access, life events, marketing, mental health, sleep, stigma. Simplifying the disease to any one cause can make treating it even harder. So we must raise awareness and improve access to the appropriate information. Please read more about Roots of Obesity by World Obesity Day.

As the Obesity Fact Sheet stated obesity is a complex, relapsing, multifactorial disease. It is no longer just a disease of rich countries, nor just about weight. Individuals are not to blame for their obesity, should not be alone to face the challenge. It’s a journey that should be accompanied by qualified health care professionals to give appropriate guidance and advice. I’m fortunate to be part of my clients’ journeys. Welcome to reach out to me.

為了對肥胖產生真正的影響,我們需要共同努力,以解決其在整個社會的許多根本原因:生物學,食品,遺傳風險,醫療保健,生活事件,市場營銷,心理健康,睡眠,污名。 將疾病簡化為任何一種原因都會使治療更加困難。 因此,我們必須提高認識並改善對適當信息的訪問。 請閱讀更多內容: 世界肥胖日的肥胖根源

正如《肥胖概況》所述,肥胖是一種複雜的複發性多因素疾病。 它不再只是富裕國家的疾病,也不單是體重問題。 個人不應該為自己的肥胖症而責備,也不應該一個人孤單作戰。 在此過程中,應由合資格的專業醫療人員陪同,以提供適當的指導和建議。 我很慶幸能成為我客戶旅程的一分子。 歡迎與我聯絡。

The hashtags for WOD2021 are so meaningful, aren’t they? #everybodyneedseverybody #UnderstandingForEverybody #HealthcareForEverybody #ProtectionForEverybody #NutritionForEverybody #EqualityForEverybody

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