Success stories

Mr Tse came to see me a month before his 40th birthday. He wanted to give himself a big birthday present, “a new him”, by losing weight in a healthy way. On his first visit, he was short of breath just from walking from the car park to my office, and he found it hard to bend his body to untie his shoelaces to be weighed. He was classified as Extreme Obese with Very Severe Risk for Associated Disease Risk. His waist circumference was 46 inches (117cm) with 42.5% body fat, and BMI was 32.2. He started an individualised diet and customised exercise programs. Seven months later, he had lost 31% of his body weight, 53% body fat and twelve inches in waist circumference! During the first year of his weight management program, he took part in a 10K run. Two years later, he completed the full marathon with the remarkable time of 4:23. He continues to inspire many others with his success story!

Reference: Chinese University of Hong Kong

Mr Chan was diagnosed as diabetic and was put on oral hypoglycaemic agents (OHA). He got hypoglycaemic and felt very uncomfortable while on OHA, so he sought diet control. After being on individualised medical nutrition therapy, his blood sugar levels remained under control and he has been off OHA ever since.

Ms Au resides in the US so she used our online nutrition counselling services to help manage her weight. She was happy that she had lost 15 pounds in 4 months (10% weight loss), but the most rewarding by-product was that her triglyceride (TG) levels which dropped from 2.05 mol/L to 1.62 mol/L. She was already on cholesterol lowering medication before seeing me.

Mr Chan, a vegetarian, was severely obese when he came to see me for weight management. In six months, he had lost 16% body weight and had lost 5.25 inches of his waist circumference.

Ms So was referred to me due to gastritis and borderline cholesterol. She was slightly overweight but her large waist circumference put her Associated Disease Risk to moderate level. She was able to lose 18 pounds and 5 inches waist circumference within five months. Cholesterol dropped to normal range.