The 3 “Highs” is not a death sentence!

According to Dr Wu’s recent blog on 3 “highs” is not a death sentence, many of her patients believed that once they have the “3 highs”, they are on their way to their grave! Well, while there is some truth to it, the “3 highs” markedly increase one’s cardiovascular risk, but it is not a death sentence! 「3高」不是死刑!  The risk of cardiovascular death can be reduced with Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) and medications when needed.

Why do people fear the “3 highs”?

The 3 ‘high’sDiseases they can lead to
High blood pressureHypertension
High cholesterolHyperlipidemia
High blood sugarDiabetes
*The risk for cardiovascular disease increases with every one “high”.

When the numbers are elevated but not to the level of the definition of disease, lifestyle modification is the most important treatment, Dr Wu stressed. Let’s use high blood pressure as an example. Normal blood pressure for a normal weight adult is around 110/70. When the reading is over 130/80, then they have hypertension. Before it gets to hypertension, it is elevated blood pressure.  At this stage, eating healthily, exercising and losing some weight are key in preventing or slowing down the disease progression.  

Lifestyle changes that can save your life are 💖:

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