Success Stories


Ms GA resides in US, so she used our Online Nutritional Counseling Service

to help managing her weight.  She's happy to loose 15 pounds in 4 months

(almost 10% weight loss), but  the most rewarding by-product is she was able to

lower her triglyceride level from 187 (2.05) to 148 (1.62). 

She was already on cholesterol lowering medication before seeing us.




Mr Chan was diagnosed as diabetic and was put on OHA (oral

hypoglycemic agents).  He got hypoglcemic and felt very uncomfortable

while he's on OHA, so he sought for diet control. After being on our

medical nutritional therapy, his blood sugar levels were

under controlled and he's on diet-controlled ever since.  He's still

on "diet and exercise" to control his blood sugar. 


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