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20 June 2015

Sorry, but drinking lemon water will not help you lose weight

9 June 2015

Teff the new superfood grain - just don't call it the new quinoa

24 November 2014

Hydrophilic diet: weight loss by attracting water

13 November 2014

Slowjucier versus Blender

15 April 2014

Jury still out on the benefits of slow juicers

25 March 2014

Hits & Myths: Do gluten-free foods benefit everybody?

03 June 2013

Hot chillies can improve dieting

13 May 2013

Those with a low platelet count benefit from a healthy diet

08 April 2013

Fresh hope for acne sufferers

18 December 2012

The survival guide to the holidays

20 November 2012

The deadly truth about red meat

07 August 2011

Dietitian with a taste for social media and networking

August 2009
識飲 識食賞識你


Basic ingredients for curry chicken

A lot of people think they need to add coconut milk to cook Chicken Curry.  But coconut milk are high in saturated fat and will add loads of calories to your meal as well.  I like to use turmeric powder, curry powder, chili powder and onions to cook yummy curry without coconut milk. These ingredients are rich in antioxidants, natural and cheap!

慢磨榨汁機之利弊 眾說紛紜

Black reveals its true colors

  August 23, 2011

2012 做個有營人

Charmain Tan, Registered Dietitian, will be conducting the lecture on how to choose the right foods, follow by a workshop, on Sep 16, 2012.
註冊營養師陳瑞玲,將於2012年9月16日舉行"「揀飲擇食好安心」講座"及"做個有營人工作坊(二) - 保心營養"



蔬 菜和水果含豐富纖維、維他命和礦物質,每天應進食五份蔬果才夠。在日常飲食加入蔬果非常簡單,可用水果煲湯或混合肉類快炒,試試草莓炒雞柳及奇異果炒牛 肉,也可考慮食用毋須煮熟的蔬菜,如青瓜、胡蘿蔔、西芹及番茄等。牛油果亦是一種有益健康的食物。別被它的名字嚇怕,它的熱量較高,半個便有十四點七克脂 肪,但大都是健康的單元不飽和脂肪,有助心臟健康。

適當飲食 有助降低總膽固醇與高密度膽固醇比例,如要避免進食含飽和脂肪與反式脂肪高的食物,定期少量進食含不飽和脂肪的食物,如芥花籽油、橄欖油、花生油和各類果 仁,及每星期進食至少兩次含豐富奧米加三的魚類,如鮭魚、鯖魚、鯡魚或三文魚,亦可幫助保護心臟。研究證實經常運動及保持均衡飲食,有助消除健康危機,所 以由今天開始實踐健康生活方式,培養均衡飲食和恒常運動的習慣吧!

太陽報 2012年 九月8號

yummy bistro salad

This pre-packed salad from ASDA really attracted us today, so colorful with lots of green leafy vegetables inside.  What made them so colorful:  Beetroot, endive and lambs lettuce.  Among them, lamb's lettuce is what I'm not so familiar of.  It has a rosette shape with rounded leaves, matte green in color, tastes slight nutty and tangy flavor.  It is very rich in provitamin A, vitamin C and B9.  We added more tomatoes in there as my daughter wanted it, but Chefs would rather add boiled egg!

When we eat matters!
Read this article in Pinterest just now. The picture illustrated very well.   The truth is if you skip breakfast you are going to eat worse food for rest of the day.  And more, breakfast eater performed better academically and at work too.  Won't surprise about this, right?

A 'Must' for the BBQ.

Remember to bring along a salad with full of colors, and fruits such as watermelon to your BBQ.  They will provide lots of antioxidants to fight againt free radicals from BBQ.  Enjoy!

Medicare Needs More Nutrition Therapy Coverage, Group Says

Medicare should expand coverage of medical nutrition therapy (MNT) for certain diseases such as hypertension, obesity and cancer, a nutritionists and dieticians group said Monday.



可可和朱古力含有高濃度的花青素類黃酮類、兒茶素及表兒茶(J Am Coll Nut, Oct 2001) 。黃酮類是一種抗氧化劑,有助預防細胞損傷,減少血栓和改善血糖水平。朱古力還含有另一種抗氧化劑名為「多酚」 ,能減低患上心臟病的風險。一塊 1.4 安士( 40克)朱古力含有約250毫克的「多酚」,相等於半杯紅酒裡可攝取的份量。可可粉含有最高「多酚」類,其次是黑朱古力。而白朱古力則沒有包含任何「多 酚」類。



可可豆中50-57 %是可可脂,其中34 %的硬脂酸是一種被認為應減少進食的飽和脂肪。然而,一項賓夕法尼亞州立大學的研究發現,當受測試者每進食 1.4 安士朱古力代替高糖份零食,朱古力不但沒有提升壞膽固醇( LDL )的水平,還提升了高密度脂蛋白的水平 (HDL)。所謂的高密度脂蛋白,屬於“好”膽固醇的一種,有預防心臟病的功效。

所以,要做個聰明的消費者,就要選擇黑朱古力(含70 %或以上的可可粉),並限制每一次的進食量為1.4 安士(40千克)左右,因為這個份量一般可在20分鐘內透過運動燃燒。另外,嘗試選擇含有黃豆的朱古力來增加異黃酮素,可舒緩更年期症狀,心臟病,和骨質 疏鬆症。

透過適量、均衡、及明智地管理健康飲食,你絕對可以享受朱古カ這種功能性的甜食 ,並帶來意想不到的健康效益。

Charmain Tan
Registered Dietitian (USA)


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