Processed Foods, good or bad?

?First, we need to understand why foods are being processed?

To preserve food by preventing bacterial growth and allowing food to be stored for longer; To improve the taste of food and the appearance by adding salt, sugar and fat.

?What makes some processed foods less healthy?

?According to NHS: “Lead to eating more than the recommended amounts of sugar, salt and fat as they may not be aware of how much has been added to the food they are buying and eating. These foods can also be higher in calories due to the high amounts of added sugar or fat in them”.

?According to World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF): “Food additives are ingredients added to foods for various reasons – for example, to add colour, enhance flavours or to make them last longer. The additives – nitrites and nitrates, which are used as preservatives in processed meat, is strongly associated with an increased risk of bowel cancer”.

?According to The Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025: “Dietary patterns characterized by higher intake of red and processed meats, sugar-sweetened foods and beverages, and refined grains are, in and of themselves, associated with detrimental health outcomes.” .

?How can I eat processed foods as part of a healthy diet?

?Top priority: Eat variety of whole and fresh foods everyday.

?When using packaged foods, reading *nutrition labels* can help you choose between processed products and keep a check on fat, salt and sugar content.

?There are guidelines to tell you if a food is high or low in fat, saturated fat, salt or sugar.

UK Food label:

Hong Kong Food label:

US Food label:

「加工食物」 好與壞 ?

?首先要了解為什麼要加工食物 ? 因為通過添加鹽,糖和脂肪來改善食物的味道和外觀。


?NHS:“ 添加糖,鹽和脂肪會超出建議的份量。這些食物的熱量也可能更高”。


?2020-2025年美國人飲食指南:“攝入紅肉及加工的肉類,加糖的食品和飲料 以及精製穀物對健康害。



?使用包裝食品時,閱讀營養標籤, 進行選擇。

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